A New Path and a New Day

Michael’s parents have found hope in a possible stem cell transplant. His brother and him are being matched as we speak. Please pray hard that they are a match. If so then once the doctor approves and we get finances in line we can go through with this.

Michael is a fighter, Michael is our Miracle. He has made it this far and God has watched over him. But now is when we really need your help. We need to raise 10,000 for gas back and forth. We need to raise 5,000 for a special cleaning service. We need to raise a down payment, lets start with the minimum 25,000 and when we know more we can ask for more. We need to raise whatever the doctor tells us the cost is if your insurance isn’t able to be fought to pay for it. We really need your help. Every dollar counts in the fight to save little Michael. His disease is rare and would eventually take him to heaven. As greedy as this sounds I want him here with me as long as possible and this bone marrow transplant gives us that hope. Hope for a future, hope for our son to be able to grow up.

Anxiety is high in this house, worry is deep. We need support, we need you.

Please share Michaels story with everyone you know, please help us in any way possible.


follow us on facebook http://www.facebook.com/savelittlemichael

send Michael letters of encouragement, or small gift cards for presents as he goes through this tough time.

Help us reach our gas goal and housing goal so that when the doctor says lets do this we are already prepared.



UNanswered prayers

So we have been up at the Mayo Clinic now for almost two weeks. We are about to start trialing the new updeated neocate label, though we are sure he will react to it just like he does anything made after May 01 2012. If you ask me what I want, I just want the company to admit that they did make a change and tell us they will continue to make these children their safe cans. I hate that the company keeps saying 15, when Steven was in my house he said 18, It’s odd though becuase I know 27. So 15 isn’t 15 it’s probably more like 100. Especially because I don’t know alot of people and I havent gotten my word our to many others. I stay strong through all of this, but if they don’t change it back or continue to make their safe formula then my son and other children will die. THIS IS NOT OKAY, MAN UP AND ADMIT YOU CHANGED IT, AND CHANGE IT BACK IF EVEN JUST FOR THESE CHILDREN. What is wrong with you? It’s bad enough my son can only tolerate one food, now you are changing it to make a product cost cut? You could have just asked us to pay more, we would in a heart beat.

This is not the end you will hear from me, I WILL NOT STOP UNTIL WE HAVE ANSWERS. It’s time to step forward and be honest before you are proven dishonest, then who will trust you, lots of people will go to your competitors….We will stand strong!

Neocate changed in MAY 01 2012, and PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW THAT if their children are all of a suddenly getting sick that’s why!!!!