Michael’s Angels

A kind heart is a fountain of gladness, making everything in its vicinity freshen into smiles.”
~ Washington Irving

“Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.” ~ Lao-Tzu

“It is not the magnitude of our actions but the amount of love that is put into them that matters.”
~ Mother Teresa

Angels are everywhere! Angels are said to have two roles: messengers from the heavens above and carrying out acts of kindness. We couldn’t agree more. Thank you to everyone who has shared, linked to, and liked the “Save Little Michael” Facebook page and this website–you have been a messenger. Thank you for spreading and sharing your kind words and for helping to create awareness about little Michael and FPIES.

We invite you to meet Michaels Angels (last updated 12/29/12 @9pm):

  • Rassmussen College Ft Myers staff donated enough for 15 cans!
  • Allen and Jackie from FL donated 6 cans!
  • Mike and Linda from FL donated 16 cans!
  • Dave and Wendy from MN donated 8 cans!
  • Aundraya and Jeremy from MN donated 20 cans!
  • Jay from MN donated 20.00!
  • Dawn and Family from MN donated 5 cans!
  • David and Bonnie from AZ donated 1 can!
  • Janet from CA donated 2 cans.
  • Sue from IL donated 2 cans.
  • TR Exteriors from AK donated 4 cans!
  • Forses Construction from AK donated 20.00
  • Rogers Remodeling from AK donated 8 cans!
  • Larry and Chan Hui from MN donated 8 cans!
  • Gero from FL donated 1 can!
  • Anonymous from ? donated 3 cans!
  • Tammy from ? donated 3 cans!
  • Angie from MN donated 1 can, sorry I must have not clicked published.
  • Heather from FL donated 1 can!
  • John from AKdonated 4 cans!
  • Bill and Sue donated 2 cans! Thank you!
  • Janis, Gini and a complete stranger donated together for 4 cans! Thank you!
  • Roxy donated enough for 4 cans! Thank you old friend!
  • Rose from MN donated 4 cans!
  • Brent and Jo from CA donated enough for 2 cans!
  • Theresa from FL donated enough for 4 cans!
  • Alicia from MN donated 2 cans!
  • Janis from MN donated enough for 1 can!
  • Community Health Partners from FL donated enough for 8 cans!
  • Ritamay from KY donated enough for 4 cans!
  • Jacqueline from FL donated enough for 4 cans!
  • Donald and Gail from MN donated enough for a can!
  • Marguerite from MN donated enough for a can!
  • Mandi and Evelyn from FL donated 6 cans together!
  • Nancy from FL donated 1 can! Thank you!
  • Lee and Dori from MN donated 40 cans! WOW!!!
  • Mrs. Anthony from FL donated 1 can!
  • Larry and Jackie from FL bought 8 cans!
  • Debbie from MN sent enough for 8 cans!
  • Kristen from MN sent 4 cans!
  • Katie from the UK donated enough for 1 can!
  • Grandma Mason from MN sent donation to afford 20 cans! What an angel!
  • Mason Siding from Alaska sent donations to cover 8 cans!
  • Douglas from Mn sent donations for 2 cans of Neocate!
  • Viking Exteriors out of Minnesota is sending 4 cans! They write from MN writes, “We hope this [case of four Neocate Junior cans] helps doesn’t seem like enough.” Thank you Sheila
  • Debbie M  from Minnesota is sending 8 cans of Neocate Junior!
  • Nicole from WI writes, “Us fpie families r here together to fight!” Nicole has sent numerous cans of Neocate Junior help save Michael. Thank you Nicole!
  • Jessyca from MN donated several cans of Neocate Junior to Michael’s cause. Thank you Jessyca!
  • Addie from Chicago donated enough funds for 20 cans!
  • Chris from MN donated funds for 3 cans of formula!
  • Robyn donated $25.00!
  • Sarah from MN donated her time to help create this website and a Facebook page!
  • Angel at School: At Jennifer’s school , a random lady started talking to her about little Michael. The angel has never met Michael, never even seen a picture of him and she just gave 6cans!


Michael’s Mailing Address:
The Gonzalez Family
P.O. Box 423
Alva, FL, 33920


3 comments on “Michael’s Angels

  1. We need all the angels that we can round up. This is going to take time and lots of money. Michaels needs enough of the original formula stocked to sustain him for a period of time so that we can find a company that will produce a 100% Amino Acid quad branched chain formula for Michael and the other children around the globe that are suffering fro FPIES and the releated syndromes and diseases. We need to get the attention of the MEDICAL field, The Health Insurance Field and the Speacialty Food Fields so that food and treatments aalong with a cure can be found soon. Thank you to all of you for your help and support for Michael, his Mommy and his Daddy. From Grandpa Larry and Grandma Jackie.

  2. Please please please look into NAET. I don’t know if you have heard of it or believe in it, but I truly believe it would help Michael. You can get more information on naet.com. It is a modality based off of Traditional Chinese Medicine that helps desensitize the body to allergies and sensitivities. The treatment is used on all ages and I have seen it work wonders in people who are barely able to eat. It changes people’s lives. Please contact me if you would like to talk to people who have used NAET for severe food allergies, I could put you in contact with them. Please look into it at least!

  3. I have been through everything you are describing. same diagnoses, same formula (at the time Em had it, it was only iavailable in PICU), and same trials. We never could find “something” wrong. FPIES is so frustrating. I honestly could never find another mother going through the same thing. Thought “my God are we the only ones?” Just know, when you figure out a diet, it really does get better. My daughter is now 14!! Email me anytime and I can tell you how I survived. Nice to know, there is some one out there like us. 🙂

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