A Plea for Michael

Every parent believes their child is a miracle and a blessing from above. Little Michael is no exception. His parents love and adore him. His Grandparents love and adore him. He’s a cute kid with a bright smile and an infectious laugh. Unfortunately, Michael is suffering from a condition called Food Protein-Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome (FPIES) he can not eat any food. FPIES is a food allergy that affects the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Common sense tells us everyone needs to eat to live; however, for little Michael most foods are like a poison for his body. For Michael, eating food can kill him. He is subject to profound vomiting, diarrhea, and dehydration. His intestines have been through so many battles they can bleed and scare over if not for a special treatment.  After much trial and error his loving parents, together with medical professionals, found the magic treatment–Neocate Junior Unflavored withOUT prebiotics. This special and expensive formula helped Michael to grow and thrive. Little Michael needs this special medical formula to help him survive, without it he may die.

Then the unthinkable happened, the formula was altered at the processing plant. Michael had severe reactions to the altered formula and cannot drink it! He must have the old version. The only way to find the older version is online through places such as Amazon.com or even craigslist. And it is expensive–Four cans cost nearly $140.  And now that people are starting to notice how badly some parents need this product for their children, the prices have started to rise. Michael needs about one can each day. How can you help?

Please give. Give today. Michael’s parents are trying to stockpile about a 6-month supply of the old formula before it is gone forever. Together with your help, they hope that 6-mths will be enough to help little Michael survive until a revised formula can be created. Your help is so desperately needed to help Michael live.  Please donate today. Give what ever you can afford. Times are tough, so just give what you can. Give $5 Give $10 Give $40

Little Michael’s life measured out in dollars (and ounces). Give what you can. Thank you! Your generous donation, big or small, will help this bright, vivacious, intoxicatingly cute little boy stay alive.

Michael’s Mailing Address:
The Gonzalez Family
P.O. Box 423
Alva, FL, 33920