From my heart to yours

Please read this, as it’s the best way we can describe what is going on. Then please tell everyone you know to help us spread the word

In our society everything is based around food. Every holiday, every gathering for parties, every meeting with a new boss, or an old friend is based around food. When people tell me, oh well we can meet over dinner, or coffee I have to say no, my son can’t be in those places. He knows that it’s normal for people to eat food and that he can’t because it will hurt his tummy, but he also knows that this stuff tastes yummy and is enjoyable. For me, eating is no longer enjoyable. I only eat to survive and I gave up all of my favorite foods because they were also his favorite food trials. If you know me, you have to know giving up Macaroni and Cheese was hard, but was no where near the hardest thing I have had to do. The hardest thing I have had to do is sit there and watch my son react to a food and not be able to help him. Our miracle was Neocate Junior Unflavored, he was in perfect shape, yes he couldn’t eat normal food, but he could thrive and be happy.

My gut told me to put him on gut rest and to give him a pain free few months, and that maybe his body would heal enough so that he could tolerate certain foods. I didn’t think it was fare to him that we kept putting him through food trials and kept putting him through pain, I just wanted him to know that you could live life without pain. He had the best two months of his life, he was happy and running and even sleeping for 7 hours straight some nights. This was my dream come true my son was almost considered normal, except the not eating food part which I could care less about because he was happy and healthy and just truly amazing. Then he reacted out of no where, I blamed everyone and everything thinking no way was it his medical food, then we went back on old label because it was the one we grabbed still no way thinking it was his medical food. Never even crossed my mind. Then a few days passed and he was on new label again, and that day it hit me it could be his medical food, so we went back on old label. well we ended up trialing 5 lots that affected him from 5 different manufacturing months just to say that we knew for sure that’s what it was, and we tried all of the lots we could. Then my son was having diarrhea with mucous and blood, and reflex, and vomiting, and pain, and edema, and this last lot threw him into a seizure. I can tell you that was so scary for me, I knew there was nothing I could do for him as his mouth was open and he was breathing and not aspirating. Ever since his seizure he has not been the same, he is hypersensitive to every little thing, he is covering his ears, he is twitching throughout the night, he is sleep walking, he is tripping again, his speech fell back. What is in this that is causing neurological problems we have never had before?

Why can’t the company tell us what it has all been tested for? Why are they only testing for things supposed to be in the can? Why are they saying it’s the same thing when it’s clearly not? We want to work with them and to know what they are doing today to solve the problem. They are telling us they want to get us to a safe resolution……the SAFE RESOLUTION WOULD BE FIXING YOUR PRODUCT so our children can thrive and be healthy again. Why are they not saying that they are still working hard to figure out what the problem is? You have put children into the hospital. You have caused them life long harm, you have hurt our children. If this were chicken, a normal every day food for most, it would have been recalled at the first sign of a problem. But we have been at this for MONTHS and nothing has gotten better. I kept thinking they would just change it back and not tell the public, it would just be better again. Well that hasn’t happened. They are trying to prove our children are worse off than what the food is recommended for. But it DOESNT matter, because my son was so healthy on before may and dying on after may. SO CHANGE IT BACK

Please help us we need to go national, we need to stir people up. We need help. I can not loose my only son, and I will fight for him as long as I can. But he is a child, and no one should ever have to loose a child. You can not stop car accidents, or mass shooting, but if you can see it coming then you better do your best to stop it from happening. These children have expiration dates and that is NOT OKAY. I will fight for all of these children, because they are all FAMILY to me now.


3 comments on “From my heart to yours

  1. I am liking your pages because the interaction puts you higher on Google’s listings. You should ask your family members to go through and like all of your pages and posts. Make sure you have the “alt text” files filled out on all of your images. That will help bring in viewers to this blog, and hopefully bring your baby boy some help.

  2. I am very concerned as well. I have found foreign matter 3 times now in the formula and would advise everyone using Neocate to strain it before using it to be safe. Rhe company has a sample, but no word on results yet.

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