FIrefighters son needs your HELP

Michaels medical food has been contaminated or altered in some way, even thought the company sates that nothing has changed. We really need someone else to recreate this product for our son and children/adults throughtout the world. We really need your help, we need medical care that we can not afford, and we need more medical formula dated on or before October 22nd 2012. Anything made after that expiration is affecting our son, and other children.

Please spread this to everyone you know! We need to save lives. We need mothers to children on Neocate products to know that there child is suffering from their medical food, not a food trial or something else. Their medical food is to blame. Please spread this as far as you can.

Children should never suffer, and these children don’t have any treatment other than this formulation made specifically for them.

Arg I am so frustrated. And scared out of my mind. We need help. We need people to hear this, we need to save these children!


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