News- Jennifer Gonzalez

Hello everyone,

This week has been very hectic for me, I will post pictures shortly of Michael with his donations we have received 🙂

I have gotten information from mothers in the UK last night stating that “we are having similiar issues with Nutricia products over here.” So, something is happening and they are going to do their best to cover it up.

They claim they are doing all these tests and that the tests come back “within reasonable expectations”. They also claim they are trying to help us, and though they are offering us to go to other products, I feel that these products will cause a reaction. I am willing to try their “modular approach” but that just means more expense than normal. It also may not work. Michael and I are seeing his doctors this Wed and Thur to talk about this option. I am scared, as it took us this long to find something that works, and now what if we can not find anything else. The company Nutricia claims there is nothing they are doing differently that would affect our children. Yet my son and other children throughout the world are reacting. I find this very odd. Just imagine if this were one of their children, they would find what’s causing this and they would fix it. But because it’s only a hand full of children they don’t know reacting, they think it’s okay to just send them to a different product that may not work.

Please now I am asking the world to not only give us a gift so that we can feed our son, while we can still find these old cans; but to also send it out to everyone you know. We need big help, big help from people with big hearts and deep pockets. I mean that in the nicest way, but without alot of funds I can not pay for seperate testing, nor can we find answers. Time is tight, we only have until October 22 2013, to find an alternative or else Michael and other children are going to die a horrible death. He is just a sweet angel, and hasn’t even got to know this world yet, or enjoy it. His whole life has been food trials and pain. And this was his one safe food. Please help me find enough formula, and enough monetary gifts to get him help.

We are also on if you click on donate, then save michael. That way if you are making large donations and you wish for them to be tax deductible you can donate through that.


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