Michael reacts to the cans of Neocate that are made after June, and reacted to one in May.  Why is this reaction happing now? 

The nutras ingredient changed to rice starch in processing around this time. I am convinced that there is a possibility that the rice from these seperate cans are making their way into our cans by cross contamination. My son reacts to the new cans that were made after this change at the plant. I am convinced there is some cross contamination occurring at the facility. Perhaps our sin’s formula is made on the same equipment as other rice based formulas. Perhaps the ventilation in the plant is allowing some rice to enter the formula Michael needs.  Maybe the packaging has a new ingredient. Perhaps the packaging room has some crossover in the equipment. Also, I have noticed the consistency, the odor, and how the formula feels is completely different in these new cans (the cans he has reacted to). Along with this, all of the cans are manufactured on same day of the weeks, not every day which leads me to believe there is a strong probability  the other formulations they make are on the same equipment on the other days. Thereby cross-contamination may have occurred.

His expiration dates this year are as followed:


January- 06+27


March-No cans in yet

April -07

May- 21

June- No cans in yet



September- 04+10+17+24

October- 08+16+22+28

The last expiration date he can handle is October 28, 2013. That means that if we do not get them to fix the issue or get someone to make the EXACT same product that when these cans expire so will he.

We could really use genetic testing, to see if he has another disease going on. I would love to have some medical student or a doctor who is intrigued to learn something new about DNA to please take this case, but we can’t afford it, so I would offer my son for research, within reason.

Please help us, we ARE NOT THE ONLY ONES

Here is the statement for the company where they note they have change to using rice starch in the processing plant.


Nutricia has announced a change in the label of the Neocate Junior products (including Unflavored, Chocolate and Tropical flavors, as well as Neocate Junior with Prebiotics). The new graphics will enter the market place starting in September and are reflected in the announcement below. There will be no change in can size, price, codes or ingredients for these formulas. Neocate Nutra will also have a new label look, as well as an ingredient change. Due to a limited supply of hypoallergenic corn starch, this ingredient will be replaced with a pregelatinized hypoallergenic rice starch. The packaging will remain a 400 gram can. The UPC will be different. Please refer to the second attachment below for a visual.

Steven Yannicelli, PhD, RD
Vice President
Medical and Scientific Affairs
Nutricia North America


2 comments on “Coincidence?

  1. Hi. My son is 4 and Neocate Jr. is his sole source of nutrition as well. We are having the same problem but our cans still have the old label, were manufactured on May 29 and expire Nov 2013. We just started having these problems this weekend. My son (TNT) is breaking out in hives and having difficulty breathing. We were in the ER sat night/sun morning.

  2. Mi ultumo hijo tuvo un problema algo parecido al nacer.
    Prueba hirviendo malanga y dale un poco de esa agua haber si la tolera. UN POCO. Si la tolera dasela por cinco dias despues a esa aga mezcale un poquito de esa malanga hervida. Todo en muy pequenas cantidas. Eso se hacia en Cuba hace anos para irle haciendole estomago a los recien nacidos.
    Si lo acepta vele haciendole mas espesa el agua con el pure de malanga. Hasta las personas muy viejas con intolerancia estomacal aceptan la malanga.
    Ojala le caiga bien que con eso se puede vivir.
    Con el tiempo a mi hijo le empezamos a dar leche de chiva muy diluida con agua porque esa leche es muy fuerte.
    No puedes juntar alimentos a dar para que puedas determinar cual el tolera.
    Un alimento que los ancianos que presentan intolerancia muchas veces admiten es la carne de cordero ( lamb). Puedes empezar hirviendo la carne y darle un poquito del agua.
    Veo que tu estas pidiendo que alguiente ayude en estudiar el caso de tu hijo, eso me recuerda cuando Yo era nino conoci a un hombre que era uno de los hombres mas ricos de mi Pais y me llamo la atencion que llevo a su hijo enfermo a la John Hospink de USA, a Russia ( en aquel tiempo era una mala palabra y hasta Africa a que lo vieran los curanderos. Hoy en dia que tengo tantos hijos y nietos por ellos iria a cualquier parte.
    Con esto te quiero decir ( Y NO ES POLITICA SI NO ES POR TU SANGRE O HIJO)
    no se como pero solicita a los organismos de investigacion medica de Cuba que te ayuden a investigar tu caso.
    Aunque no creas REZA MUCHO. Yo he tenido 9 canceres y estoy limpio en estos momentos y me siguen chequeando cada seis meses y he salido limpio.

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