NEWS-Mommy, Michael, and Daddy

So the news cameras came to our house today and asked for our story. We were so happy that people are actually going to start listening…

Nutritia makes another food called Nutra and their ingredients changed to contain rice, this was in May of 2012. This rice has somehow found it’s way into our cans of Neocate junior unflavored without prebiotics, and is causing us and other families to react.

Please reach out your hand and help us save our one and only son. He’s a miracle child and he was put here (with his heart birthmark) to help others FIGHT! Even though his whole life has been painful due to his food allergies… 😥


2 comments on “NEWS-Mommy, Michael, and Daddy

  1. Omg! You’re story has touched me. I wish we were financialy stable to help! If there’s a way I can help with Christmas, please let me know! I would love to help some way!!!

    • He loves angry birds, and mickey. He won’t be receiving presents from us this year, as we are too strapped trying to buy and find him his formula we need. So if you would like you can send a small toy?
      Love and Hugs, Mommy (Jennifer)

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