It is hard to have hope when things like this happen in your life,

I look all around me and feel lost and alone. I then take a second of my time and think about all of the people who have reached out with their hearts and helped us so far. I feel so blessed to have a support group now, so that I dont’ have to do this alone. Our friends and family, and strangers have helped us save Michael. We still need more, we are about 1/4 of the way there! I am hoping that will all of this we are able to not only get Michael the medical food that he needs to survive, but that the company fixes the problem, or even get genetic medical help for Michael to work towards a cure, expecially since the company doesn’t seem to want to change the medical food back to the way it was before. Please tell everyone about this, let’s get this in motion. We will be on the News Friday FOX-4 Fort Myers FL.

My school has extended a hand of hope, they are going to try and come up with funds to help donate to this cause.

I will keep you updated as I know more. Thank you all and I love all of our angels!



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