My day was very hard at school today as I am in Nursing school. I had a horrible day and had death around me, I broke down to cry a few times

I realized that no matter what, when I got home; I would be able to see my miracle child. And to let you know when I got home, he goes MOMMY HOME!!!! MOMMY STAY HOME!!!!!

So now, as I write this; I am in tears again as I realize that without angels, and without the company changing the formulation back even though they claim “Nothing is different”, I won’t be able to come home to my

sweet little angel. He’s so bright and cheerful everyone he meets he treats equal and with great kindness and love. Please I need my little boy, I cannot lose him. He is our whole world and we are unable to have

any more children, not like that would matter a mothers loss is a mothers loss.

Pleaes continue to pray and please continue to send angel gifts.

Love you all

-Jennifer Gonzalez


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