Scary times: by Daddy

The scariest experience that i have had with Michael probably had to be the day that I finally realized how close we were to losing our son.

It was probably 6 months after he was put on Neocate. I was looking at photos on my phone, past and present, there were so many differences in him, he was no longer swollen and in pain 24/7, he was actually active and happy. Previous to this he was the complete oposite, very bloated, lethargic, and always crying and screaming. When I started to see these differences, and it finally clicked, his body was shutting down, and if he wouldn’t have coughed up the blood that day from crying too much, and we would have never brought him to the hospital, he would have kept slowly dying. It would have been called SIDS. We would have been left to wonder what had happened. Were we the cause somehow, or did he suffocated or whatever. That day I realized we were truly lucky to have brought him in, if not he probably wouldn’t be here with us today.


One comment on “Scary times: by Daddy

  1. Thank you for sharing, being a mom and grandma I understand how it feels to have your little one sick and not be able to do anything. However, I cannot fathom something like you have gone through with Michael. Praying for you all.

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