FIrefighters son needs your HELP Continue reading


Christmas-you turned my world around

For Christmas Michael received the gift of life, old label neocate jr unflavored cans. Hw has received so much support that its amazing. I feel that everyone who has reached out has impacted my life. Hearing the words “I am proud of you, for what you are doing.” Really mean alot to me. Continue reading

WE NEED HELP- everyone

Please take this and share it with everyone you know.
We are getting in donations, but we really need more help. We need help getting this national as I have found other children involved but I really need more than what we have found.
I know that more people are involved and I am sure some have already died.
Please pass this on to your friends, tell them to look at it, and read it.
Michael was put here for a reason, we need to keep him alive to find out what that reason is.
Please donate and send hugs and words of encouragement.

We need to spread this on, and tell everyone about it to help save other children.
Please know that you are not alone. Please know that we need help.

Michael’s Story featured in Missouri!

Michael’s story was picked up by KSDK-5, a news station out of St. Louis Missouri
(Click here or the image below to see the story).

Michaels' Story featured on KSDK-5 out of St. Louis, MO.

Michaels’ Story featured on KSDK-5 out of St. Louis, MO.

We thank KSDK-5, the reporter Kristen Gosling, and all of Michael’s angels for sharing Michael’s story.

Together we can Save Little Michael!

Donate. Share. Create Awareness.

Save Little Michael Featured on NBC-2 News

Watch Jennifer tell Michael's story on NBC-2 News

Watch Jennifer tell Michael’s story on NBC-2 News

Click the image above or here to watch the story.

Help us spread the word. Michael not only needs to stock pile the old formula, Michael needs  genetic testing to find out more about his severe case of food allergies. Help us find an angel (or group of angels) who can help us find the answers Michael needs. Help us save little Michael. Thank you!