Angel Story: written by Sarah & Jennifer

This is a story about an everyday Angel, an Angel who reached out to help save little Michael. 

Jessyca was saving up money for a long time to buy a washing machine. Little by little her savings grew, albeit slowly. Then She saw Michaels page pop up on her Facebook newsfeed. She read about his plea for help. Do you know what Jessyca did next? She took her washing machine savings and sent little Michael 12 cans of formula! Heart warming! But it gets better. The universe was watching. Jessyca then received a call from an old college buddy saying that her parents were going to give her their washer and dryer–AMAZING! In return, all Jessyca needs to do is come paint their den and she could have the full set, both washer and dryer! We believe this is a sign from above that we are all to pull together and help this little boy survive. What do you think?


Roller-Coaster Ride: written by Jennifer

So life lately has been a roller coaster ride. About two weeks ago Michael  had a reaction to his Medical Formula Neocate jr Unflavored, it somehow was contaminated with prebiotics, or rice. Something simple for most but for him it is life and death.

Then my cousin Sarah, reached her hand out and decided to help us create a page for people to view and help donate. The way this made me feel was amazing, I was jittery and smiling and crying all at the same time.

Then another cousin of mine sent us enough money for 20 cans! This was huge!

Another lady that has never even met Michael sent enough money for 4 cans!

Another lady sent us $25.00!

After going to school today this random person started talking to me about my son, she has never met him, never even seen a picture of him and she just gave me $200.00

I can’t begin to tell you all how much we needed this support and these contributions as every things counts for Michael right now. It is amazing to see my family and friends and their friends help us. Michaels illness is not some chain mail, he is a real 3 year old boy, with a real disease, one that people don’t even understand.

We are still waiting to hear back on the results of the testing of the formula cans. This is a medical amino acid based formula, it is his 100% nutrition, everything else makes him have a reaction, which could be fatal. So when the reactions to the formula occured I was dumbfounded! I could not believe that the one safe food was causing him to react.

I am not going to lie, raising a child who cannot eat food is very hard. Because food is everywhere you look, everywhere you go. Life is not normal for us, but it is the best we can do.

Please help Michael, please if you are going to give to anyone this year, give on behalf of Saving my son Michael.

I am getting a foundation to back me shortly [more information will be posted later] though only 50% of the funds will be available to us if donated to the foundation….that’s just how it works. So if you want to be sure michael get’s 100% of your donation please send us a check or paypal us. If you want to help michael and people fightingg food allergies please donate through the foundation. I will be able to put information up on this very shortly.

Tomorrow looks like it will be a day for alot of answers for us. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

Every bit of generosity makes a hige difference in our lifes, it not only helps save our son but it helps raise my spirits as this has beat them down quiet a bit.